Kissing Revealed:

  • If he has tight lips, keeps hands in one spot on your back and overall seems awkward:he is uptight- not good.
  • If he runs his fingers through her hair and perhaps gives it a little tug: he is passionate and knows what women like- very good.
  • If he cups your face in his hands and/or touches your face/ears at all during necking:He is genuinely nurturing and cares about you- excellent.
  • If he kisses you and simultaneously break into a soft conversation: He is extremely confident- and that is extremely sexy.
  • If he is all over and is slobbering on you like an infant or puppy: He is way too much, most likely going to be overbearing and overzealous- and is drooling a lot- this is extremely bad.

(MEN, just replace ‘her/she’ where there is ‘him/he’- it goes both ways. Promise.)